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Tideway – Albert Embankment

Client: Ferrovial Laing O’Rourke

The overall Tideway scheme is a new combined sewage storage and transfer tunnel that shall run from Acton in west London to Abbey Mills Pumping Station in east London, at a total length of 25km and diameter of 7.2m. The central section marine works involves installation of cofferdams at 7 sites along the River Thames Embankment.

The Albert Embankment site required 3 cofferdams in total to service the tunnelling and permanent works installation.

Members of our team working for Ferrovial Laing O’Rourke undertaking the following scope:

  • 1 no. twin wall sheet pile cofferdam
  • 1 no. combiwall tube and sheet pile cofferdam
  • 1 no. single sheet pile cofferdam installed with press piling methods
  • 2 no. ship impact dolphins
  • Dredging for 2 no. campsheds
  • Marine furniture
  • Scour protection
  • Marine logistics

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